I'm Surekha, a journalist and editor currently based in Singapore. I've wanted to be a writer since I was 12 where I spent endless hours scribbling fanfic in my school notebook (don't worry, I still had friends).

Fast forward to present day, I'm proud to say that I am indeed a journalist. Of many hats, I might add. I've written across multiple news beats including media, tech, business, B2B industries, culture, human interest, and food history. I've had bylines in the likes of BBC Asia, SCMP, VICE, and ELLE. 

Most recently, I served a dual role as Editor of Campaign Asia-Pacific and Asia Editor for PRWeek, both of which are leading B2B publications in the media/creative/communications/tech field. During my tenure, I oversaw a team of young journalists and reported on and edited a variety of topics including the marketing industry's role in sustaining the fossil-fuel industry and the pervasiveness of workplace harassment going unreported in Asia. (I won a global internal editorial award for my reporting on the latter.) I've also written a bunch of op-eds including this one on why I think brands' loose usage of 'empowerment' messaging is problematic. Plus, I served as an ambassador for the two titles by moderating panels on stage at local and regional events, leading closed-door roundtable sessions with industry leaders, and acting as a jury member at awards. 

Outside of work, I am passionate about lots of things including but not limited to current affairs, migrant worker rights, ethical tech, gender politics, screenwriting and film, and food culture and histories. While I try not to be a cliché, I do very much enjoy curling up with a book on a rainy day, a hot chocolate in tow.